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Whether you’re a Council or a community group, we can help you get your TLTP project off the ground.

We offer a full day workshop for Councils and Communities where we bring together residents & key influencers within Council, leveraging their combined skills and local knowledge to kick-start a flagship TLTP site for your municipality.

The objective of these workshops is to work collaboratively to formulate a plan for a high quality demonstration site. One which will be a shining example for residents to visit, experience and be inspired by.

The presence of Council Officers is cruicial to developing a design that meets both the communities expectations and Council’s need for safe public spaces.

We also focus on developing residents’ skills. We aim to empower residents to become leaders for placemaking projects in your community, arming them with the contacts and skills they’ll need to collaborate with Council in the future.

These day-long workshops are fun, highly interactive & creative experiences.


What we offer:

We’ve been helping communities right across Australia establish TLTP project sites for the past 5 years.

We have a solid knowledge of landscape design, horticulture and an intimate knowledge of Council operations since we have a Councillor & Planner on our team.

Things to consider in preparation of a workshop:

Allocating funds in your capital works budget for a quality demonstration site so that you can move ahead with plans following a workshop.